Stuart Holds the H2s/BA certificate required for filming in the hostile environment of the offshore oil industry, and has worked offshore for several of the major oil companys.

  • Arco Qatar
  • XL Technology
  • Pentex Oil
  • Schlumberger
  • Reda


Promotional Videos

Let Digital Video create for you a Sales Demo which will allow the product to speak for itself.  You can now reach thousands of customers without leaving your office, which will save your company time and travel expenses.


Video production is the most cost effective way to deliver your marketing message. Video images speak louder than words.


On Location Shooting.

We also have extensive experience recording live events 

  • Boxing matches
  • Pop concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Stage plays
  • Musicals
  • Trade shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Conference Seminars
  • Passing out Parades


Digital Video has a totally portable, field ready, video production package, including our 22ft remote control hot head Camera Crane, artificial lighting, audio recording equipment and a broadcast experienced crew.


Autoque Tele prompter

Allows the presenter (whether a seasoned professional or a first timer) to read a script from a mirror screen placed in front of the camera lens. This system really adds value to the production because it allows full eye contact with your audience, enabling you to get the message across clearly, concisely and confidently. Can be used on our crane jib, tripod or even hand held. Just supply your script in txt or doc format


Corporate Events

At Digital Video, we can create highly energetic, enthusiastic and informative videos that will motivate your customers.


Depending upon your objectives the DVD's can be distributed at the events or converted to NTSC or SECAM to allow them to be played and distributed throughout the world.


Stage Show or School Sports

If you have a child in the school play, Scouts pantomime, that big football league cup final or just a friendly sporting event, I’m sure you'd love to preserve these special memories. However, far too often the occasion passes without a good record of the event. In many cases these types of events could have been professionally recorded Free of Charge or at a very low cost.



Digital Video & DVD Productions

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